first slip.


I made my first mistake at work today. quite a terrible one. could have been the end of my career in the industry if anything bad happened. but thankfully everything's okie. i do pray that nothing goes wrong and everything remains alright. i got so freaked out and was in shock. it totally slipped my mind and only when it happened then i realised it was such a grave mistake. this is one mistake i do not want to repeat and i should not repeat. i sincerely apologised for this big mistake and i pray that everything will be alright.

today's workout:


21-15-9 reps for time

40kg Thrusters



went below 8 mins. so it's quite an achievement. a better side to my day i supposed. Plus the fact that i may be sponsored to go for a Level 1 kettlebell course at my workplace. so that's quite exciting too. and also i am starting my first PT client next thursday. looking forward from now on and going to put my best foot forward and not let this mistake hold me back.

P.S. 11 more days till i see my baby again. cant wait. =)