additions to my gym part 2.


as you can remember i have gotten quite abit of equipment from my earlier posts about my garage gym. and recently, i managed to get more to add to this little collection of toys. as i have started outdoor training, i felt that getting equipment that is lightweight and portable such as resistance bands will be useful to my outdoor training group. moreover, resistance band training is useful in increasing power development which is critical for explosive movements such as olympic lifts and sprinting or running. as the band stretches, the resistance increases, creating a loading effect on the resistance added to the exercise. so here's what i got.

2 5kg plates to increase my collection of weights and allow me to perform heavier olympic lifts. and above that, my small powerband.. one of the three types i got in the intermediate pack of powerbands.

a pair of powerband handles which allow me to grip the powerbands better and make it easier to perform alot of the exercises using the bands.

the mini powerbands. the second lowest in resistance amongst all the powerbands. and the lowest in resistance in the intermediate pack.

set up with the handles to perform rowing exercises for the back.

and this is me performing an alternating arm rowing movement.

The intermediate pack of Powerbands comes with a pair of Mini (Orange), Small (Red) and Medium (Blue; not shown in this post) Powerbands. so it's more than sufficient to add more resistance to my training.


also a demonstration on the big red slosh ball in my older post. never knew how big it was right? so here's a sequential picture of me performing a slosh ball shouldering movement and you can see the size of the ball relatively to me. haha.

So this is my new gym collection. i quite like it. and i am all decked out for training outdoors. anyone wanna join me?

today's workout:

Slosh Ball Shouldering

30 reps for time. 6:43mins.

Alternating Arm Powerband Rows (Mini Powerbands)

3x15 reps each arm.