certified level 1

today i went for my certification workshop for kettlebell lifting!

Australian Kettlebell Company puts up Level 1 and 2 workshops approximately once every month to the public to allow personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts to learn how to perform kettlebell exercises safely and properly. and since joining the gym, I was looking to bring such a form of training to the members and finally, we all went down as a team to get our certification done! so now my colleagues and I are all Level 1 Kettlebell Instructors and we are certified to teach kettlebell exercises and use them in our training! these are exciting times for our gym as we will be able to come up with more promotions and get kettlebells involved in our PT sessions!

i am loving this! so now i am going to try to start teaching these movements as they are really a good cardiovascular, strength and endurance workout all in one. the only thing lacking is the equipment as we have yet to get some kettlebells in our gym. But with everything in life, be patient and it shall come!

so if you are interested in kettlebells, feel free to contact me and i will lead u in the right direction, be it whether you want to get certified or even simply learn the basic movements! i know my baby will be looking forward to learning! hehe.