new step forward.


today has been a really fruitful day. many things have happened and reinforced my choice in this career path. Firstly, i went down to the place where I am gonna do data collection for my honours project to get a feel of the space of the place as well as understand and work out the feasibility of collecting data there. it's located in a industrial area and the building is a one level warehouse around the area of probably my baby's living and kitchen area in her place back in singapore. however, they were able to fit 5 lifting platforms and still have place for a small office, both male/female change rooms and male/female toilets which is simply amazing. it has this rocky-balboa-esque as described by morgan as it's a very old school weightlifting club. however, the vibe u get when u first walk in is totally different. everyone seems to be like family and with morgan making his return back to that place since 3 years ago, ppl just kept rocking up to us and greeting us. he was like some kind of celebrity there (well.. he's called captain morgan and one picture of his glory days is still up on the wall of fame. haha). you see all kinds of people there. the young, the old, the tall, the small, the huge, the skinny. u name it, they got it. and u never know their background because everyone seems to be so close to each other. amongst them are a couple of olympic medalists, commonwealth games medalists, national champions but yet their attitude toward each other is like brother to brother. this is the kind of environment and vibe i want to bring up in my own gym. where everyone can come together at this specific time and hour and just have the same focus and purpose of training to better themselves. then catch up with one another. it's like a totally different world there. and i am glad i am being introduced to it and i am looking forward to be part of it.

Secondly, i added two new items to my gym inventory. as some of u will know, I have signed up for a Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Workshop and will be attending it with my colleagues. we are all looking forward to it and are all pumped up to do it as a gym! and being all excited and being myself, i couldnt help but get myself some spanking new equipment to add to my repertoire. so i went to get this:

an 8kg Cast Iron Kettlebell from Australian Kettlebells. The grip is slightly thicker than the one i got from NZ and it is powder-coated really nicely so it's quite a nice finish on the surface.

and actually i got two of them! haha. well.. i tot why not since i am gonna do outdoor training. this would be a good tool. and guys can use both at the same time while girls can start comfortably using an 8kg kettlebell.

and i found this message on the box really funny but it's a good marketing gimmick. haha.

and here you go. i am not kidding. but i did get two of them. haha. quite a good buy i believe.. cant wait to have my baby try them coz i am sure she will love it. hehe.

this is my entire collection of kettlebells for now. good start for my new training business. stay tuned for more additions to the gym!

today's workout:


120kg 5x5r.


2x10 each side with 5kg weight at the end.


p.s. gravediggers are done using a pump bar with weights attached only at one end. so like a shovel-like movement from the bottom, move the weight in a rotational movement till the weight is over your shoulders.