busy busy busy.


I always have these long periods of silence in my blogs. firstly i would apologise for that. for those that actually follow my blog.. i am doing my best to update it as regularly as possible. So here's what's been occupying my time.

1. I have just started working on gathering data for my project.

This firstly involves me heading down to huntingdale (which is an hour train ride away from where i stay) to film elite weightlifters at the training venue. Their training sessions run around 2 hours from 5-7pm. so that's the time i am there capturing as much as i can to have data to work with. If i am not there, I am at uni trying to get data out for the video files or doing some pilot on the vicon. However, the softwares we have do not seem to be able to give us what we want so we might have to find other software or scrape using film from the training venue and focus on the vicon. This has led me to becoming the test subject as well as morgan thinks that it will be interesting and I can be smashed as a subject by doing numerous numbers of lifts as i am not training for anything.

2. Work has been busy.

Just finished my kettlebell certification and for the past couple of weeks i have been covering shifts which takes up most of the day. So if i am not in uni, i am at work. and i am usually out of the house by 6 and dun really get home till 830pm. Not as bad as some others i suppose but still quite long days for me.

3. Havent been training properly but going to start again soon.

With me not being at home so regularly, the workouts i can squeeze in are very minimal. So that was why i decided to join the weightlifting club. At the same time i could get technical advice on my lifts which i have been doing alot of. and plus with some changes to my project and earlier mentioning that i became my own test subject for my honours project, i will be smashing myself to get as many data points as possible. This smashing of my own body will involve me performing up to 15 lifts each time i am in for a testing session and i could be doing up to 2-3 sessions a week. I dunno how is this going to affect my training at the weightlifting club but I am looking to at least go there twice a week if it permits. As for crossfit, I will try to squeeze one or two workouts in during the weekends with my baby which both of us can do together. I am still an avid self-taught crossfitter who is learning new things everyday. But now i am focusing more on the oly lifts.

So today's testing session/workout:

Snatch @ 85%1RM, @90%1RM

1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @60kg

1-1-1 @65kg

One failed lift at 60kg and two at 65kg. This is based on my 1RM of 70kg. i can blame it on fatigue having to carry my prized possession of a pendley barbell all the way to the train station and onto the train and switching trains to get to uni. but i wont. i rather blame it on my technique and variability and inconsistency of my technique which i hope to master soon through the many lifts and hopefuly some coaching i am getting.