Geek P.O.D.: Biceps for a Good Choke.

This is inspired by the awe I had when I finished watching UFC 140's main event between Jon "Bones" Jones vs Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida. End result of the fight? The picture tells it all.

Picture from

Lyoto Machida was taken out with a standing guillotine choke which Jon Jones applied. But the difference was instead of arm-in and grabbing the opposite arm's bicep, he clasped his palms and pushed it into his chest to make the pressure come from the biceps.

Picture from Yahoo Sports.

Try clasping your palms together and squeezing it into your chest. You will feel your biceps tense up so much more than the regular guillotine choke. So if you want to have a more effective choke, learn to make use of your biceps, both its size and function. And also remember to train them to be able to not burn out while applying these chokes. More tips on that coming up!

Stay Strong and Keep Applying Guillotine Chokes,

The Training Geek.