Training Starts Today.

On the program: 1. Front Squats

Decided to work on my weak points (which are quite a few sadly). As I am returning back to training, I dropped the weight down and focused on a good bottom position. Worked up to a 5-rep set on 95kg (managed a 5-rep set at 90kg on Tuesday). Hope to bring the numbers up for fronts squats soon.

2. Power Cleans

Wanted to focus on pulling off the ground properly. The right hip is still bothering me quite abit but still managed to work through it. Worked up to 85kg for a triple and carried on for a few more sets.

3. Clean Pulls

As this is the week I am trying to find my feet still, I managed to work up to 120kg for triples as well. Again, the same focus on a good pull off the ground. Like my snatches in the past, I think I am moving too much in my start. I need to try to be more static in the start of my pull.


Picture from Catalyst Athletics.

Overall, strength is slowly coming back. Body is still sore from the week back and having no training for 6 weeks. But I am going to take tomorrow off to prepare myself for the start of my new program. Time to train harder than before and keep improving.

The return back to training has taken its toll. Despite being progressive over the week, muscle soreness is unavoidable and I am glad to be moving some weights again. Certain plans are in place to make sure I am going to be better prepared for the training till Clubs so let's see if these plans are effective.

Stay Strong and Keep on Training,

The Training Geek.