The Fire Burns..

Day by day, the fire that has been lit burns brighter and brighter. As long as it lasts, I will make the best out of it.

Yesterday's session:

1. Back Squats

Worked up to 125kg for triples. Legs slowly coming back and I am slowly finding my feet under me. Need to also get comfortable yet strong at the bottom of the squat. Working with a slightly wider stance at the moment to facilitate the bottom position and get the hips stretching out more.

2. Power Cleans

Despite doing 80kg-triples on Saturday, I backed off and did 75kg triples. Because 80kg felt heavy and I actually caught a few in a full clean position, I thought I would be better off with 75kg to make sure I can still pull and catch it high. Need to remind myself not to lean back too much in the pull.

3. Clean Pulls

115kg for triples for this session. Weight felt manageable despite doing additional warm-up on 110kg. Higher volume for pulls but working on the bottom and extending the pull made it feel lighter and faster. Need to translate this into the clean itself.

Back onto a program and feeling good about it. Yes I may look like it's all about fun and games. But remember, a dog that doesn't bark doesn't mean that it doesn't bite.

dsc_0172Picture from Glenn Pendlay's Blog.

Stay Strong and Keep Training,

The Training Geek.