4 Reasons Why I Listen to Disco When Training.


Music is a big thing when it comes to training. Many use it to motivate oneself for a set, or to push oneself further when going for a run. Activities that require a certain rhythm would benefit from this as it provides a pace for you to follow when running. However, in strength sports such as weightlifting and powerlifting, how does music affect one's training atmosphere? So here's why I listen to disco when training:

1. It teaches me to zone out the distractions.

There are many things that can distract us in a lift. Someone walking across, a phone going off, people talking in the background. Music that is playing and is not within your preferred genre will help you zone out and train you not to be easily distracted.

office-distractions Many things, big or small, can throw you off easily before a lift. 

2. It helps me to zone into myself and my lifts.

By clearing out the distractions, the internal focus becomes stronger and the needed cues for each lift can be internalized alot better. This makes the pre-lift routine more prominent and subsequently make lifts more consistent.


What you tell yourself before a lift will help you set the tone for the lift. Image credit to Ironmind.

3. It allows me to calm myself down and be composed before the lift.

By being able to zone in as mentioned in the previous point, I can figure out if I am ready for the lift or not. Music that seem to motivate you sometimes brings your heart rate up. With your heart racing at 1000 beat per minute, you will find it difficult to be composed in order to move properly through the lift.


Psyching up is good. Psyching out isn't.

4. We all need alittle bit of grooving in the gym.

Being able to psych yourself up for a lift is important. Being able to relax after a lift is also crucial in order to reset yourself for the next lift. Groovy music will help you keep the vibes positive throughout your training session, rather than angry and upset all the time.

Night Fever[1]

Getting the groove on to help keep the atmosphere positive and allow the mind to remain relaxed.