day of accomplishment

it's been a long day. many things have been done and what i have accomplished may not be significant but they are the things that actually matter quite abit. firstly, i did laundry today. usually done by my baby.. but today i decided to do it. i have to do it now anyway so might as well start. haha. then i prepared all the meals for today beforehand because i had to work in the evening. also usually done by my baby but now i have to do it. so today i said thank you to her for being here and doing such insignificant things everyday without complaining. i would also like to say thank you to my parents for all the insignificant things they have done for me and i have never appreciated. work today was busy. was busy entering data for my manager into the system, updating all the staff details. by the time i was done, it was almost 730. so i started closing up. somehow, i managed to finish everyone's file and at least can tell my manager that i did some work yesterday. the old manager was also around today and he came up to me and said he has been hearing good feedback about my work. so i supposed i would have accomplished something today at work.

now it's just waiting for accomplishments at uni. which i think are not too far away once testing begins.

today's workout

snatch-grip deadlift 5x50kg, 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 3x5x80kg

bent-over barbell rows 20x20kg, 3x15x30kg

barbell good mornings 2x12x20kg, 3x8x30kg

decided to start working on my deadlift and assistance exercises. the snatch grip was to train my strength for the snatch. the others were to strengthen up my still lousy lower back. haha.


good reason to train your olympic lifts. =)