off days like these.


today is considered an off-day. usually i would have training at phoenix but i din go today because i had to go inspect a house. gonna move out of this current place (which we have grown to like) and into another place which we are looking for now. so far we have applied for a couple but our luck has not been good. the only thing we can do is have faith in getting a place we will like in time to move out.  

so what did i do today?

1. Went for a house inspection as mentioned earlier.

2. Cooked dinner (coz the mrs started school today which means tues and weds would be my turn to cook).

3. Searched and retrieved approximately 70 articles which now I have to read and eliminate for my literature review.

4. Printing them out with the help of my mrs for reading tomorrow at Verb with a nice coffee i hope.

5. Managed to catch a workout in uni as "active recovery".

6. Updated my CV for a possible Strength&Conditioning opportunity (hopefully things work out)


There are actually many more things i need to do. but taking each day as it comes. "don't worry about tomorrow. today already has its only problems."

so what did you do today?