and it all begins again.


back in melbourne to start on my journey to provide more research in the area of weightlifting and get myself more involved in this sport. I have been training hard since the day i picked it up and never stopped even when i went back home for almost two months. i do enjoy the sport and sense of fulfillment and achievement while training. more importantly, i also enjoy the time spent with the guys at Phoenix and it really gives me a sense of what i enjoyed about bowling. thus, my goal this year as discussed with robert is to achieve a snatch of 100kg and correspondingly a clean+jerk of 120kg. currently i am at 90kg for my snatch (with straps) and still 102kg for my clean+jerk. I must say i wasn't too consistent with my clean+jerk training when i was back home as my immediate goal back home was to achieve a 90kg snatch.

anyway, as for school, there's no start date for my course. so technically it has started. this time, it's all about grinding and pushing forward to get work done and that's what i will do. i am gonna remind myself day in day out that i have to keep pushing and telling myself i can do it. and after three years, it will be all worth it. i have come so far in my studies and i am not gonna stop!

i am also gonna start a new portion on my blog. you know how this blog is called "push urself daily"? the only way you know if you have done as much as you can each day is by keeping track of what you do in a day. so from now onwards, i am going to try to put down everything i do in a day to remind myself whether i have pushed myself enough in a day or whether i have slacked off. similar to how you intend to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, you want to keep track of what physical activities you do by keeping a workout log, what you eat through a food log and how well you recover by keeping a sleep record. So to know if i am pushing myself, i am going to start a "what did you do today" log apart from just talking about what I feel or think. so to end off..

what did I do today?

1. Searched for a diary for me and the mrs to keep track of our schedule but couldn't find one.

2. Simple technique workout for double-unders (i strung 6 in a row yesterday) and back levers and glide-kip muscle-ups on the rings

3. Began my search for new articles for my literature review (gotten a few new ones).

4. Sent an request for my thesis to be printed and bound into hardcover copies.

5. Spoke to dad and mum and caught up with them as part of my weekly to-dos.

so what did you do today? feel free to ponder and share. :)