Geek P.O.D.: Humble Beginnings.


Looking back at some photos which I took of my equipment, I came across this one. When I made the decision two years ago to quit my gym membership and get my own set-up, this was what I started with. Got a piece of rubber mat, split it into two. Bought a decent barbell (Pendlay) and decent bumper plates (a pair of 15kg). And I slowly built my way up to a better set-up, adding piece by piece to my home gym.

One day I shall post up where I am at in terms of my garage gym set-up and maybe do an open house to train with me at my place.

The point is you have to start somewhere no matter how small or how simple it is. Whatever you are doing, learning a skill or doing your work, start from ground up and work your way there. Do your time and one day, it will be your time to shine. Remember, hard work pays off. Same for training. You may not see it overnight. But consistent training will show results. Just stay humble and keep telling yourself you have more to learn and more to improve.