Geek P.O.D.: In Awe.


Yesterday was Ian Laurie Cup, organised by Phoenix Weightlifting, the place I train at. I had the opportunity and honour to compete at this tournament and it was the first competition I ever entered for weightlifting. This was my second time and every time I am at the comp, it gives me something to remember. First time it was the adrenaline that I got from competing which kept me competing till present. This time, I had the opportunity to witness up-close a truly awesome feat of strength and power by one of our very own lifters at the club, Simplice Ribouem.

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For his third and last attempt, and the last lift of the competition, and me having the honour of loading up the weight, he easily conquered a 200kg Clean + Jerk which left the crowd at the competition a truly beautiful memory in their minds of the sport of weightlifting.

This inspires me to train harder in the gym and get better at my lifts to lift the heaviest possible weight this body of mine will be able to. Hope it does the same for you too.

Stay Strong and Train Hard,

The Training Geek.

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