Five Ways To Simplify Your Training.


With the advances in research and technology, training has been made so complex and the focus has been spread around the many funky things trainers and coaches do to stand out from each other. TRX, vibration plates, ab-blaster etc. In actual fact, training is all about using common sense. "Common sense is not so common." - Voltaire.

So here's what you can do to help make your training more simplified with a little common sense in it:

1. Find weaknesses and work on them. - Why focus on something that would not help you improve? If you suck at squats, you should keep squatting till you get it right! If you can't see it yourself, get a coach or trainer to help with feedback.

2. Think of training as work being done. - How much work in a single session do you do? Too little, too much, how much did you lift in total, how much kilometres did you cover today? Learn to judge yourself in that aspect: "Have you done enough?"

3. Be goal-orientated. - If you want to get strong, make sure you are doing things to help you get stronger. Doing 12 reps is not the way to go for you to gain brute strength. Pointless loading up on a whole program of strength training when your goal is to gain cardiovascular fitness.

4. Start well, end well. - Any movement you perform, a good start determines a good finish. Get the start position right and you will get the movement right. (Guilty as charged - plugging my Honours article.) Same for your sessions. Start it with a good note and it will end with a good note.

5. Learn basic movements. - Bodyweight movements such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups provide the best stimulus for training and can be done everywhere. Other basic movements involving weights like squats and deadlifts also provide the greatest training adaptations. Why do the fancy stuff when the movements of the simplest form give you the greatest benefit?

To finish off, as my mentor/supervisor would always tell me.. "K-I-S-S!"

a.k.a. "Keep It Simple Stupid!"


Stay Strong and Keep Simplifying,

The Training Geek.