Geek P.O.D.: Balance.


In weightlifting, balance is getting the bar within the base of support (i.e. the feet) and holding that position in stability. Related to the last post, another instance of balance in weightlifting comes from the psychological of lifting where there needs to be a balance of just lifting the weight and technique. Too much of one will result in undesired results of failing the lift.

Picture from Warrior Strength Haske.

In training, you need a balance as well. Whether in your program where you need a good amount of the different types of exercises (example can be given here in a previous post) or in your nutrition where you need a good balance of the types of macronutrients (also mentioned in a previous article). Similar in life, you want to have a balance of work, play and relaxation. Know when to work hard, when to have fun and when to let yourself go and chill.

Stay Strong and Keep Balancing,

The Training Geek.