How Low Do You Go: Part 2.

This is a sequel to a previous post I had about how low in the squat you should go.

Picture from Counting to Infinity.

I recently read this article on the Strength & Conditioning Journal that talked about deep squats and its impact on the lower limb joints.

The squat is the most common exercise within a strength & conditioning program or a training program and is an activity commonly used in daily life. However, there have been concern about the depth of the squat and how it affects the joints, particularly the knees.

Deep squats or Ass To Grass (ATG) are common particularly in the sport of Olympic weightlifting as we use them in training as well as when we receive the weight in the clean or snatch at the bottom position. However, we barely see any knees injuries in the sport. Research have even shown that by performing such squats, you tighten up your joint capsule, giving it more stability and less risk of ACL injuries or structural damage to the knees.

In fact, the main point of the article is that there is no problem at all with going low in your squat if you have the proper mechanics and mobility for it. The only time when you should not do so is when you have a knee issue and it is still affecting your movement. So squat as low as you physically can to build up that strength through the whole range of motion and you will be benefitting from it in your daily activities as well as your sport!

P.S. Brian Hill from Counting to Infinity has provided a very good explanation of how deep squats could benefit you in your training. Do look at what he has said here!

Stay Strong and Keep Squatting Low,

The Training Geek.