The "Powerful" Rubber Band.


The band that is said to give you better coordination, strength, flexibility and balance by restoring the magnetic balance in your body through that little piece of bio-magnetic strip/piece attached to a larger-than-normal rubber band.

Made famous by many celebrities who use them thinking that they have felt the effects of this wonderful band and some even endorse it.

Latest research from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research have shown that all the mambo jumbo about this miraculous band is all just a marketing gimmick. Today Tonight actually did a feature on it and showed that it was in fact a placebo effect provided by the band (see video below) but they did so without any research backing them up.


But now with this recent study, they found that across 24 subjects who were tested using the band in various strength, balance and flexibility measures, the band provided no increase in any of these measures, suggesting that the band in fact has no effect whatsoever. So it's probably in your mind that you think it works. But the mind is also a powerful object and you can actually think your way into doing something.

So should you wear it or not? If it has worked for you then keep doing so because there's no harm so far in regards to the effects of the band. But if you are thinking of purchasing one, you are better off practicing some good self-talk to psych yourself up and train harder to increase these physical attributes.